• Service Concept

    Our company provides a full range of domestic and foreign exhibitor services and extension services for all types of industries and enterprises.

    According to the enterprise’s own characteristics and product feature, we provide our customers a series of effective counseling program and the overall comprehensive solution, such as market research, industry analysis and exhibition planning, etc.

    In order to provide customers with fast, convenient one-stop service, we also have a series of exhibition service supporting projects, such as hotel reservation, exhibits transportation, ticket booking, etiquette and interpreters, vehicle arrangement and business travel, etc.

    China United Expo Service Co., Ltd has a vibrant experienced young team and a considerable scale exhibition production factory, which are important guarantee for providing customers with quality services and avoiding miscommunication. They can also effectively save cost for customers and improve efficiency, which can also reflect our company’s superior competitive price advantage.

    Since the establishment of the company, we have set up extensive business contacts and good cooperation relations with all levels of government institutional sectors (such as police office, fire control department, etc.) traders, associations and many famous exhibition institutions in project operations and management.
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