• Conference and Event Planning and Execution

    Event planning and execution team has extremely rich experience on all kinds of conference arrangement, large-scale activities planning, organizing and implementation. It arranges professionally from the initial planning concept to the on-site logistical support services in order to put all the information into a memorable experience.

    From the pre-event planning and late stage executing of each event to the effect assessment of large conference & event, the event planning and executive team provides the customers one package service and one-stop solution for large-scale conference event planning and execution. At the same time, we greatly enhance customer’s brand position by combining cutting-edge multimedia technology, dazzling audio-visual effect, stage music, choreography and special effect skillfully.

    In addition in order to smooth convention and exhibition projects, the company's business also covers hotel reservation service, vehicle reservation service, translation/etiquette/security services and other supporting services.
  • ● Online Hotel Reservations

    We have a hotel reservation service center, in collaboration with many hotels, and provide the members with preferential rates for instant hotel reservation.
  • ● Vehicle Reservation

    We provide vehicle ordering service for a variety of models, including exhibition shuttle bus line planning and design, the exhibitors transport, the audience exhibition car, as well as the airport pick-up service.
  • ● Translation / Etiquette / Security Services

    During the exhibition, we provide our customers professional qualities and skillful translators, Miss Etiquettes and security staffs to meet our customers’ professional demand as well as minimize your labor and travel costs.
  • ● Other Supporting Services

    With our own advantages, we also can provide tourism, conference activities and other service to meet the diverse needs of customers.
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